Saturday, October 8, 2011


I haven't been very diligent in posting so I decided I would try to do better. I also decided to apply the common axiom, "There's no time like the present."

I wish I had some pictures from today but alas, the camera didn't make it in my bags. It all started at about 4:30 when Charlotte started fussing. It was only intermittent and I was able to ignore her until 5:30 when I had set my alarm to go ff anyway. I got up and gave her a bottle and put her back to bed. I jumped in the shower only to hear a tapping on the door about two minutes later, Hannah. Needless to say everyone was up by about 5:45 this morning.

We got ready for the day and headed off to San Antonio following a brief hello to Hyrum. What was in San Antonio? Well we had a ward temple trip planned and there was babysitting at a church building nearby. With our family growing and all of our friends' families growing as well, it has become increasingly difficult to ask someone to watch the kids for 6 hours so Hyrum and I jump at whatever chance we get to attend the temple.

I dropped the kids off and proceeded to the temple where I participated in some work there. It was a good experience and it was so nice to be able to pick my kids up after an hour and a half instead of 6. I went to pick them up and we all ate our lunch and headed down the road to see some friends from my BYU days.

A little sidebar--It rained on and off all day. It was lovely. The kids were a little sad they were in nice clothes because they so wanted to jump in puddles when we got home. Thankfully this was one time they decided to obey me.

After getting a little lost and turned around--apparently Mapquest and Google both have yet to figure out the right way to Joe and Sally's house--we finally got there, only to find them away. I was kicking myself for not calling and telling them we were coming. Jonathan was almost hysterical which is kind of comic because he was only 14 months the last time we saw them. Lucky for him, as we were just finishing up passing provisions around for the ride home, who should pull up but Joe and Sally.

It was so fun to visit with them. I am always amazed at how there are some people I can meet up with again after ages and we don't seem to miss a beat. Caleb is one of my new best friends and I think Jonathan was quite happy we got to see our friends. Poor Ella was so tired and didn't quite know what to do with us. Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon. We got home late and just in time for dinner, baths, and into bed.

What a day but it was a good one.

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