Sunday, October 21, 2012

Presently . . .

Hannah is enjoying school.  She is doing well and I am so impressed with her improvement with reading.  We started piano.  I am teaching her and sometimes it's good and other times it's terrible but she is doing well and I think she enjoys having a skill like that.

Jonathan is a bit lonely.  We haven't really found any friends for him yet and he's having a hard time with that.  He is doing well with his letters and things.  We are still hoping to get him into kindergarten next year and he is excited about that prospect.

Charlotte is doing great.  She is hilarious and oh so cute.  She's a little mischievous but is so good to her little brother.  She is learning to talk more and more and soon we will celebrate her 2nd birthday.

Spencer is so fun.  He loves to smile and laugh.  He is really pretty easy going.  I was raking leaves the other day and he enjoyed sitting in a baby swing.  He is rolling all over the place and eating solids.  He will be six months soon and I'm sure he[ll be crawling in time to wreak havoc on our Christmas presents and decorations.

Hyrum is enjoying work.  It has been a difficult transition in some ways but he is making progress with his projects.  He was just called to serve as an assistant to the High Priest Group Leader at church and hopes to be involved with the scouts as well.

I am keeping very busy trying to keep up with the house and the kids.  I have a million sewing projects in the works so I have plenty to do.  I love being here.  This is my favorite time of year and I realize how much I've missed a true fall.  The leaves, the geese flying south, the chill in the air, apples and pumpkins everywhere and the smell of rotting leaves, I love it all.  We've been able to see my parents a few times and that is really fun.  I am a primary teacher and currently teach the 4 going on 5 year olds at church.  It's pretty crazy.

We miss our old friends but are looking for new ones.  We've no idea how long we'll be here but right now it's where we need to be.  Our ward or congregation at church has been so great.  We're excited what comes and what adventures we can have here. 

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