Sunday, July 21, 2013

Change in Plans

This blog serves a couple of purposes.  One of those is to help chronicle what happens in our family.  I thought it fitting to post about a recent disappointment. 

For a while we have planned on enrolling Jonathan in kindergarten this year.  His birthday falls five days after the deadline so we figured we'd jump through a few hoops and in he'd go.   We read the literature provided by the district, registered him and awaited the necessary assessments.  He went through the final assessment a couple of weeks ago and then Wednesday we received "the letter".  I wasn't worried.  He is a beginning reader, takes in everything and is so willing to learn and loves discovery.  I thought for sure he'd make it.  I opened the letter after dinner and found out he has not met the criteria.  It seems we were jumping through the hoops with a blindfold on. 

Apparently, though I have to find the official policy on the district's website, to enroll in kindergarten or first grade early the proposed student must preform a grade level above that which they are trying to enter.  Now, I feel Jonathan is intelligent but I do not expect my almost five year to be a six year old, nor would I have tried to get him there.  I feel a little betrayed and upset over this whole situation.  Never in this entire process of registering and talking to administrators were we informed about policy #3110.  We could only find references to it in old school board minutes and details in a newspaper article.  There is no official school policy listed where I might easily find it. 

Had we known about this we would not have tried to enroll Jonathan.  Thankfully he's not too choked up about it.  He's ready to "play" for another year.  I think it's a shame though that five days makes a difference for a kids who is truly ready for school and others who need all sorts of support just because of their birthdays and an arbitrary deadline.  Hyrum reminds me not to get stuck on things I can't change so while I can't change this for Jonathan, I can change it for others.  We are working on making sure this policy becomes posted on the policy section of the district website and part of the kindergarten registration packet. 

All in all, I'm a little disappointed because I think we'll have the same boredom battle we have had over the past year and I think he is so ready.  I think it's a ridiculous policy but I am neither educator or psychologist so I'll do what I can so parents know the situation they are putting themselves and their children in.  I guess I just need to get a little more creative.

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katharine said...

cut-off dates can be such a hassle. how strange that they make it so hard to get a high-achieving kid into an ordinary kindergarten just because of a few days difference in birth. enjoy your extra time together.