Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Time--Family Reunions, #1 and #2 in Utah

The reason for this years road trip was a series of family reunions conveniently planned in the same two week time period.  Thursday we had a day of laundry and groceries, and a visit with my grandparents.  Our reunion party started with family pictures with my parents and siblings.  This was the first time we had all been together since Hyrum and I graduated from college nine years ago.  There was always someone missing. 

After pictures, we hurried to the campground so we could set up our tent before it really started raining. The next day we were up bright and early and enjoyed a tasty pancake breakfast.  The kids were quick to find the river behind our site and we spent the rest of the day on the little beach and in the water.  After lunch we wised up and let them put their swimming suits on.  The kids fared pretty well but I think just about all the adults came away with a little or a lot of sunburn.  It was fun just to sit around and talk.  Of course there was  a water fight too. 

The next day was Saturday and we left after lunch to head to our second reunion with Hyrum's paternal grandparents.  It was nice to see that side of the family.  We joined them for dinner and pictures.  We weren't there long since kids were really tired and so was mom.  I am grateful though for those good people in our lives. 

Sunday, we met my family for church.  We then went back to our home base for much needed naps and a/c.  Those couple days in Utah were hot.  We joined them again for dinner and enjoyed a few more hours with my family. 

Monday we ended up cancelling our other plans in favor of doing laundry, going to the temple, and once more provisioning for our trip north the next day.  It was so nice to relax a bit that day.  Aunt Sarah took Hannah and Jonathan to the Aquarium for the afternoon so that was another added blessing and break.   Some friends from Texas live a few blocks for Hyrum's aunts where we were staying so I was able to stop in for a few minutes on my way to the store.  The downside to such a busy trip is that we never get to see everyone we want to.   It was a whirlwind few days that tested my mental and emotional limits.  We loved seeing the family we could and look forward to being back with a little more downtime. 

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