Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Time--Reunion #3, Island Park ID

As our parents families grow we feel a need and desire to spend quality time together since quantity is a bit hard to come by with everyone's busy lives.   Hyrum's brother, Ian, was instrumental in pushing along plans for a reunion with Hyrum's parents and their family.  Plans were made and this summer was the summer.  Timing turned out to be excellent since Brigham had just been married and Ian will be getting married this Fall.  Myself and the little kids got to meet their two newest aunts. 

Science with cornstarch and water
Hyrum's parents rented a fabulous cabin in the woods in Island Park, ID, about 2 hours outside of Yellowstone.  There was a great wrap-around porch the kids loved running on, a great room big enough for us all and a well-stocked kitchen.   Outside there was a swing set, fire pit, horseshoes, and room for outside family games.  There was also a comfy hammock and a basement great for late night card games.

Grandpa made a great Santa!
We spent a few days just hanging out.  We ate good food, played fun and silly games, crafted and just enjoyed each others company.  I look forward to getting to know each of these people better.

Marshmallow wars

Late night nerts.

How many people can we get in the hammock?

Playing ball

More hammock dwellers

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Reianna said...

You'll have to tell me more about that cabin. We've been looking for a place to have a reunion and Yellowstone seems like a great place!