Sunday, September 13, 2015

Italian Vacation --Part 3, Pisa

It leans!
Pisa was a neat little city.  It was a rainy day when we went but thankfully we missed the really rainy moments.  We took the two hour train ride there and walked to the Field of Miracles.  This complex houses the Cathedral of Pisa, a baptistery, Cemetery, and the Leaning Tower which is the bell tower.  It is a beautiful complex with lovely grass that you can't walk or sit on.  Pisa was once a coastal town and as such the ground is very soft.  All the buildings on the complex lean a bit but the tower is the most obvious.  It was a fun trip and totally worth it.  The tower really leans and I find the history fascinating.  Besides the Field of Miracles we walked through a square with buildings from Napoleon's time in Pisa.  We also enjoyed some great pizza here.

I love this picture and how the tower appears to peek out from behind the cathedral.

The cemetery.  The grass here is grown in special soil brought from Golgotha during the Crusades. 

The view from the Baptistery.

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