Monday, August 22, 2016

A day of rest.

A day of rest was quite needful after our adventures last week.  We attended church in the ward for where we live.  it took a little while to get there and we had to ride two buses.  The kids loved riding on the upper deck.  While waiting for our second bus in the morning we had a gentleman ask us where we were going.  I responded that we were going to church and he asked what church we went to.  He was pretty surprised and kind of delighted to having met one Mormon, let alone seven.

We made it to church a few minutes late but we made it.  It was fun to hear English spoken in so many different ways, American, different British accents, Irish, Eastern and Northern Europeans.  I was grateful for the opportunity to go to church.  We met there from 10-1 and hurried home--we had to run to catch our second bus (not advisable in high heels).   Ben got his first decent nap in days. Hyrum was good enough to let me rest as well.  

I bought a gammon joint at the store earlier in the week, having no idea what it was.  Turns out it is an uncooked ham so we settled on ham, potatoes, pancakes (British-style) and eggs for dinner on Sunday night.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, we only have one frying pan so I spent a couple of hours making dinner but it was fun and tasty.  It was an experience I will laugh at for a while.  We put the kids to bed and made our Sunday night phone calls to our parents and got ready for another day and a new week. 

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