Sunday, July 17, 2011

Books, Books and more Books

This is the pile of books on our piano, well half the pile.

Matthews Elementary School does a summer reading challenge every year and this year is no exception. They even invited the incoming kindergarteners to join them. Hannah is suppose to read 100 books this summer. Well she can't read but, I am allowed to read to her. We have been going to the library a couple days a week for the past couple of weeks so we can get this challenge done. I think we will probably continue even once we've reached our 100 books. It's been pretty fun. We've found some cute books and we've found some not so cute books.

One I particularly like was this one:

It is a cute little story about a little girl getting ready to go to school. I probably enjoyed it because of Hannah's coming entrance into the world of formal education. It was a good little book and this has been a pretty fun challenge. We're halfway through.

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Reianna said...

If you fill out the form at the library she can also get a free book by achieving a goal(Jonathan and Charlotte can enter as well). Also, if you read 10 books and fill out a form through HEB they get free shirts. Have fun with the rest of the reading!