Sunday, July 3, 2011


I don't really have a very good title for this so I'm just going to fore go it.

We are finally feeling better after over two weeks of sickness. It wasn't the flu (I almost wish it had been then I would have know it would been 7-10 days) but instead a cold that just went on and on. I started feeling sick over two weeks ago and then Father's Day Hyrum wasn't feeling well. Wednesday we went to his parent's and he had a 103 temp by that afternoon. He was the only one with a fever but over the course of the past two weeks, we have all had a terrible cough, Jonathan is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and I am still battling a sore throat. Apparently Charlotte has gotten through this unscathed and we hope it stays that way.

I have lost one of my dearest friends this past week. Their family moved away after finishing their doctoral work. It's wonderful to see them moving on and accomplishing this dream that we all share but I will miss Editt and all the things that her friendship meant to me. I am so thankful for telephones and skype. It will be great to see them again when we drive to my parent's house again because they are on the way. Look out, we're coming : )

It has been a rough couple of weeks but hopefully soon things will calm down and get back to some measure of normal.


Halley said...

I hope you guys start feeling better soon! My best friend here in NJ just left me too! It is so hard to say goodbye, especially when your kids are best friends too. It is tough! But at least you made an amazing and hopefully lasting relationship. Best of luck to you and your cute growing family. Miss you!

Editt said...

:( Major sad face! I miss you, too!!!! Just don't come yet till we have a house for you to stay at :) We miss you. Jarom and Eli are already insisting on sending all the pictures they draw to their friends. They miss you guys too. :)