Monday, July 11, 2011

Day with Dad

Last Week Hannah asked if we could go up and see Hyrum on campus. We finally decided that Thursday was the day.

We rode the bus from our apartment through the city to campus. The kids had a blast. They don't have to be buckled in and Jonathan was so happy not to have to sit on my lap. They enjoyed looking out the windows, counting flags they saw and seeing the capitol building which they remembered visiting with Grandma and Grandpa H.

We got to campus and enjoyed our picnic in the lounge near Hyrum's office. I was so happy Hannah consented to an indoor picnic. It's hot and humid here right now, not exactly wonderful picnic weather.

We then made our routine stop to the turtle pond. There was so much algae that the turtles just swam through, under and around it. I even saw a few take a bite and enjoy it for lunch. There were tons of turtles and they came right over to where we were standing watching them. Hannah and Jonathan just loved it.

We then headed back to the bus and we were homeward bound. It was a fun activity and it's always nice to have lunch with Dad.

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