Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break Candy Making

Our kids only have a few days off for Spring Break so while I had a lot still to do on some projects I decided I would dedicate some time each day to doing something with my kids.  We ended up making candy two days and dying Easter eggs.  I have fond memories of making Easter chocolates with my mom.  It consisted of melting colored chocolate candies and pouring it in the molds.  Pretty simple right?  Let's just say, my mom was a saint to let us make that big of mess in her kitchen. 

The kids and I made peanut butter eggs, chocolate truffle eggs and coconut eggs.  Then I tried my hand at homemade fondant eggs.  I let the kids choose their favors and we added color to them.  We had Grape, mint, strawberry and raspberry.  They were all loved and I think Hyrum really liked the grape ones.  The kids had fun kneading their fondant to get the color and flavor throughout.  We shaped them and then put them in the fridge to harden a bit then we dipped them in milk and dark chocolate.  The fondant was pretty easy and simple to make. 

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