Sunday, November 20, 2016

Deutsches Museum--Visit #2

Coming "home" and then realizing that is doesn't quite cut it is hard.  Monday this past week was terrible and I knew something had to be done.  There were some things I needed to take care of and once they were accomplished, Thursday was already here.  I decided it was time to return to the Deutsches Museum and see how many floor we could visit this time.  

Stainless Steel flip panels.

Wind and water mills.

We started on floor 0 and checked out the Foundry, Metal Works, Machinery and Electricity.  The kids were really interested in the metal.  I thought it would be a quick stop but we spent probably 30-40 minutes there as Hannah and Jonathan read every plaque.  There was a display on stainless steel including flip panels of different samples and where they were used.  It was quite interesting.  The Electricity section was probably the most excitement we had all day.  As we were wandering around we heard some crazy loud electric sounds and looking around we could see electricity arcing in the air in another room.  I think electricity is pretty cool so of course I suggested we go in for a closer look.   Well, I neglected to think about my current company and we passed into the dark room where the demonstration was going on, an even louder, crazy electric noise happened.  Ben burst into tears on the spot as did the other boys.  The girls and I were scared as well but instead of crying we laughed.  I may never know exactly what the demonstration was about but there should have been a serious warning and ear plugs.  Wow, it was loud.  

After we recovered from that shock ; )  We headed upstairs (Floor 1) to see the aviation stuff.  We'd already seen the big planes at the Flugwerft site in Schleissheim but they had a toned down version here.  There was model of one of the planes we walked through at the Flugwerft.  It was connected to piloting controls so the kids sat down and using the steering wheel and the foot pedals were able to see how the controls affect the trajectory of the plane.  We watched a short video about the first successful man powered flight in the 70's and the subsequent flight of the same team across the English Channel.   The kids loved the fact that they had seen the English channel. 

Flying practice.

Lots of flying things.

Our longest stop by far was the physics room.  There were tons of hands on displays and experiments.  I'm not the scientist like Hyrum is so I couldn't explain everything but we spent hours turning every dial, swinging every pendulum and twisting every gear.  There was another section that just happened to be open on Thursday so the older kids "painted with light"  while the little boys played with a fancy marble run.  The marbles were metal and there were lights and different electrical connections set up so the marble would complete the circuits and turn on the lights or start the propeller as it went through the run.  Ben, especially loved it. 


We spent another 5 hours there this time and we still have Space to explore!!

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