Saturday, December 3, 2016

Friday Night Out

The Christmas season is in full swing here in Munich.  Christmas markets abound and Hyrum is ready to visit them all and see how much kinderpunsch we can drink (It's spiced fruit punch, the kid version of hot wine sold everywhere).

We had plans for dinner and a stop at a Christmas market specializing in nativity scenes.  Hyrum texted me about a cookie decorating event at work so we switched gears and decided to do both.  The kids and I met him at his office and we enjoyed chocolates, gingerbread cookies and dinner, in that order.

There nativities are from Peru.
It was fun to see different cultural representations of the Nativity.

After we had our fill of chicken nuggets and french fries--they were really good nuggets--we headed out.  The "market" ended up being more of an exhibit in a small barn-like building.  I was a little disappointed,  but it ended up being a really great way to bring in the holidays.  I'm glad we started with the Savior because that's where we'll end too.  It was a really nice night out with our family.

Interesting to see the Christmas story in 19th century Bavarian-style.


Kerstin said...

Thanks for your heads-up on Charity's blog, I'm all caught up now! :-)

I really enjoy reading about foreigners' impressions on Germany! How long will you still stay here?

You can check out this link:
It is about different indoor playgrounds in and around Munich; I haven't checked the prices though so I can't tell whether it's a good alternative to outdoor playgrounds. Maybe indoor swimming pools are a good alternative?

I'd also suggest a visit to Stuttgart, where the first car has been invented (and where I live...). There is a really good museum.

And if you manage it, I think a visit to Berlin is great, too. There is so much history to see! The museum Checkpoint Charlie might be especially interesting to Americans ( There is also the museum about Eastern Germany which I think is good for kids ( The Jewish museum ( is also really well made.

Heather Wright said...
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Heather Wright said...

Thanks for your suggestions. We are only here for 3 1/2 more weeks. We're planning a trip to Nuremberg but probably won't make it Berlin or Stuttgart, though we would love to. So many neat things to see and not enough time to do it.