Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Munich--Slovenia Road Trip

We left Munich today and headed to Slovenia.  We rented a car to maximize our mobility on this leg of our journey.  As we rolled down to the train station this morning to pick up the car and shoved everything in to our car, we were really glad that on this road trip we are only unpacking once.

We drove through Austria and into Slovenia which took us through the Alps.  After a little bit of drama getting our rental set up back at least an hour, we opted for the scenic but faster route through the tunnels in the Alps.  We still had plenty of beauty to take in but it was an hour shorter drive.  The mountains were gorgeous.  Some of them looked freshly snowed on.

Hohenwerfen Castle or Schloss Adler from "Where Eagles Dare"

The trunk on the first car didn't close securely so the kids and I waited
in the parking garage while Hyurm went back to sign the forms
 for the new car.  We were a bit cold but it was the perfect time to eat lunch.

I'm looking forward to seeing Ljubljana tomorrow in the light as it dusk and dark when we crossed the border and arrived at our destination.  We're staying with the 80 year old mother of one of Hyrum's professional colleagues.  We are up for the adventure and so is she.  Tomorrow, we'll go register at the local police station.

This is just a picture of our bedroom as I got everything packed.
 I'm glad it was much larger than our other rooms so I could spread things out a bit.

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