Monday, February 22, 2016

Halloween, Happy Birthday and Dance Parties

Kids dressed up for the Ward Trunk or Treat
Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and a weekend Hyrum happened to be out of town.  The kids also had Monday and Tuesday off the next week so we decided a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's was in order.  We attended our church Halloween festivities on Friday and then loaded up the car and took off Saturday morning. 

We arrived at grandmas ready to decorate our ghost cupcakes.  I made marshmallow fondant and we stacked up some of the candy from the kids' haul the night before to make our ghosts.  I think they turned out rather cute.  It was a fun project. 

Ghost in the Graveyard Cupcakes
After a tasty dinner we had a Halloween party rather than going trick or treating.  We played games and danced to the Kid's Halloween Station on Pandora.  Even Grandma dressed for the occasion.  
Dance, dance, like nobody's watching!

The kids didn't want to leave on Tuesday

We also took the opportunity to celebrate Charlotte's birthday, again.  She turned Five this year and is so ready to go to school and hates being called a little kid.  She feels like she's crossed that threshold though she's only a bit taller than Spencer. 

Happy Birthday, Charlie Rae!
It was a fun and busy weekend but we were glad to see Grandma and Grandpa.  We missed Dad though.

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