Friday, October 7, 2016

Away to the North

Today our road trip took us north to Northern Ireland.  That makes our country count 4 for those keeping track at home.

We wound around through the mountains, past lakes and fjords, through pasture land, forests and barren deserted brush land.  Time after time we could see the sea to our left.  Mostly we just enjoyed the drive an talked about what we saw.  Every bend in the road brought another beautiful and interesting site.  We made brief stops for lunch at a playground and Donegal Castle.  The kids did a pretty good job looking out their windows, talking, singing and playing together.

Donegal Castle
A seat made out of a tree trunk at the castle.

The cross commemorates the hardship the people of Louisburgh during the Potato Famine.  600 people walked 12 miles from Louisburgh to Delphi Lodge to find relief from their starvation.  They were turned away and 200 of them died on the way back. 

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