Friday, October 7, 2016

Conemarra National Park and the Farm

We woke up Thursday morning to a brisk wind with just a bit of a chill to it.  We were staying at a farm and so as soon as they were dressed the kids went out in search of fresh egg for breakfast.  To their chagrin, they didn't find any so it was cold cereal and toast for them.

After a bit of an emotional breakdown, we loaded the car and drove to Conemarra National Park.  We were ready to do some walking and Hannah, Hyrum and I all secretly wanted to climb Diamond Hill, maybe Jonathan too, but it was too windy with the little kids.  We did a walk just shy of two miles.  We hiked through bog land and loved the views into the mountains and out to the sea.  The kids enjoyed it as well though Spencer was afraid of being "winded over" because of the wind and Ben spent  about a third of it crying.  He really hates the wind.  I turned him frontwards in the Ergo though and he calmed down and even fell asleep.  Jonathan kept a look out for wildlife so he could pass off cub scout requirements.

Diamond Hill 

After our hike, we stopped at the playground for some running around and lunch.  The kids love teeter-totters and we all had fun with the ones at the playground.  They also had these tilted-spinning-bucket seats that the kids love playing in.  Even Ben got in on it this time.  He loves being able to navigate the playground on his own.

We made our way back to the cottage we were renting via the Sky Road Drive, again, gorgeous.

When we got back the kids wandered around the farm outside.  They played in the tree house, fed pigs, chased chickens, pedaled the go karts, fed/terrorized the cats and dogs and just thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Our hosts have six kids so our kids and their youngest two kids quickly bonded and spent at least a couple of hours playing together.  Their older kids spent some time practicing their horse jumping and riding.  We spent a few minutes mesmerized by that.  It was nice to lay low and just enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.  We enjoyed talking to our host and swapping stories about our lives.
The day stayed cool and windy but the kids loved it.  We put them to bed and they were sound asleep within minutes.  It's amazing what a hard day of playing can do for the mind and body.

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