Saturday, October 29, 2016

Birthday time!

Happy as a clam with her vanilla, vanilla cake and M&M 6 on top!

We've had a birthday!  Miss Charlotte turned 6 last week and we loved celebrating with her.  For weeks she's been correcting us when we say she is six and now that she really is, she can't seem to remember! Charlotte is sweet, spunky, talkative, funny and the life of the party.  She's a great kid.  We celebrated a couple of days early since Hyrum would be out of town on her birthday but she loved it all the same.  I made a cake, we had pizza for dinner and she opened a few presents.  We sang a few times through out the day as well.

The craft set was a huge hit.  Now our kitchen table is tinted yellow : (

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Margaret said...

6?! Charlotte, you're getting so old! Way to go!