Thursday, October 27, 2016

Deutches Museum

Last week we visited the popular Deutches Museum.  It is a museum of science and technology.  There are 8 floors of exhibits.  We were there 4 hours and only made it to the bottom floor.  We stopped for lunch and several bathroom breaks but the museum itself was very interesting.  We bought a membership pass so we look forward to exploring the remaining museum over the next couple of months.

Cool ships.  We didn't stop, it's on the agenda for our next trip.

We saw the mine, marine navigation and oceanography sections.  There were enough buttons to push and things to do the kids were all interested.  We did spend a bit of time in the children's play area where the kids built houses of huge lego-like pieces.

The ropes are pulley systems with various numbers of pulleys
for the kids to explore the physics of the pulley.

Again, everything was in German so we didn't get a lot of the minute details.  We had names of objects and in some places there were more detailed explanations.  We all enjoyed the mines and the marine navigation.

There were a lot of people at the coatroom check in but I didn't feel overwhelmed or crowded.  We stopped in museum shop and they had a lot of really great educational learning toys (pricey but cool).  It was good day out.

The Fall colors are coming out.  This was just outside the museum.

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Anonymous said...

I love Munich and the " Deutsche Museum" is one of the coolest museums! It is a good think you bought a pass because there is way too much to do and see for only one visit with it being the world's largest science museum.