Monday, September 5, 2016

Cheers, London!

This evening I ran to the store for a few things and pondered a bit about our time here.  It has been a magical and grand adventure.  When we arrived I was really nervous about navigating the city, even walking on the streets in the area we are living in.

Today I thought about how much freedom I now enjoy by being here.  I really believe travel breeds freedom.  It is a freedom from fear.  I wouldn't say I'm prejudiced against people of different races or religions but I can't say I'm not affected by the stereotypes and stigmas that surround me at home.  The first time I walked to the store, I was so nervous about all the different people passing me on the street.  I was worried about my safety, though it wasn't really founded on anything valid, just I didn't know this place.  I saw the stereotypes and not the people.

This evening I walked home a bit slower than usual and enjoyed the distinct smell of Ballards Lane.  It is a bit like grilled chicken and tandoori spice.  I enjoyed the varieties of languages and accents spoken by those who passed me.  Tonight, I saw people, men and women going about their lives and doing their best to be the best people they can be.  The fear I initially felt was gone, replaced by a genuine love for this place we have called home for the past three weeks.

In addition to those thoughts, selfishly, I have loved this trip.  As a kid, I loved reading myths and legends, actually I still do.  King Arthur was a favorite.  In college, I spent at least two semesters studying early British literature.  As I walk through these spaces, there is a palpable feeling of history and things greater than just me.  I feel a connection to these places and these people.  In part it is because they are a part of who I am, both through my studies and through my ancestral connection to this land.  In just these past three weeks, I have grown in so many ways and I think our children have grown as well.  Their world is larger and hopefully so is their understanding.

Tomorrow, we'll hop in a car and wind through the countryside to see more of this rich British History.  In a week we'll take the ferry to Ireland where the next phase of our adventure begins.  Off we go!

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Reianna said...

DId I tell you I love following your adventures? You are amazing and I'm so glad you are finding the joy in this. I know you've prepared for it so well! Keep up the posting because I'm totally hooked!