Monday, September 26, 2016

Home Sweet Home

So far we've used Airbnb finds for our accommodations because we didn't want to bring a lot of stuff with us for such a short time here.  After our experience in London, I was really nervous about our other places.  With each new stop, there is a bit of fear as we open the door to the new home.

After leaving London, I figured nothing could be worse, right?  Thankfully we pulled into this cozy home in Colerne.  The kitchen was spacious, there was a separate living area with toys, bedroom space for everyone and multiple toilets.  This place was in the middle of a charming area of Western England.  There was so much to explore, we would totally go back.

The driveway was lined with rosemary bushes.
They smelled wonderful.

It was nice to spread out a bit. 

Living Room

From Colerne we headed to a border town in Wales.  We stayed in a place called Beggar's Bush.  After a scary attempt at parking in the car park we emptied our bus and found ourselves in a rustic and charming refurbished barn.  The kids made friends with the horse.  Jan was a gracious host and we enjoyed our time here as well.  She had the best honey I have ever tasted for us.  That certainly sweetened the deal ; )

The stone in the foreground and then wood to the left are the exterior to our portion of the home.
It use to be a barn and those stone walls are thick.  There were a lot of original timbers inside.

The exterior on the other side.

This was a living room, fully equipped with toys!

Hyrum snagged this shot while I was trying to get things cleaned up
and we were getting ready for church.

We made our way a bit deeper into the glorious country of Wales to find even more beauty and a wealth of national pride.  These people are Welsh, not English and don't forget.  Here we stayed in a dated but comfortable home.  The host lived just next door with two children of her own.  The kids all enjoyed a bit of football together.

The views were amazing.

We are now in Ireland at another charming cottage.  It is clean and warm with plenty of storage and a yard for the kids to play in.  I can handle this for three weeks!!  So far we're 4 for 5 on the housing, so here's hoping we luck out for a few more stops before Germany.

Cottage Exterior

Field to play in!

Living Room and Dining Room

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charity eyre wright said...

I've been looking forward to these photos! The London flat was just a doozy!