Saturday, September 24, 2016

Conwy Castle

View inside the Keep from a tower.

Conwy (pronounced Conway) Castle is a magnificent castle built on the northern Welsh coast by Edward I.  It is am imposing sight as we drove into the city.  It was part of a system of castles meant to impose English rule on the Welsh.  It never fell to enemy fire but once found itself ruled by a few Welsh rebels that snuck in dressed as carpenters.

This is a classical example of a fortified town with a central keep.  The entire city is fenced by a massive wall.  Then the castle itself has another wall and towers there.  It was a massive structure.  We were all in awe.  The castle sits on the bedrock below it making it quite strong.  There was a series of clues and placards for the kids to ind and learn from.  They gave details about the Welsh who took the castle in 1401.  The kids had a good time finding the clues and coloring their pictures.  They ended up with Welsh dragons and English lions on their cards which they presented for a badge.  It was a great way to keep them busy and engaged.

Jonathan liked looking for the murder holes and arrow slits.  Hannah wanted to find all the answers. Charlotte just wanted to sit, Spencer tried his best to keep up with the older kids without really understanding what they were doing and Ben just enjoyed being out of a harness for most of the time we were there. It was a great day a neat place to stop.

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